The MIRA® Platform

Virtual Incision’s technology ushers in a new era of innovation with a simple, flexible surgical platform that can bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to patients everywhere.

The MIRA®Platform puts the ability to perform single-incision abdominal procedures in any surgeon’s hands.

Weighing only two pounds, MIRA® can be moved and set up easily, eliminating the need for dedicated hospital space or infrastructure.

MIRA® Platform

MIRA® is designed to be Simple to implement and use. Small to transport and prepare. Smart in functionality.

surgical robot

MIRA® has two miniaturized arms attached to a Base Link. All instruments are capable of delivering electrocautery energy when MIRA® is connected to an external Electrosurgical Unit.

Each arm has six degrees of freedom, including the open/close function of the tool. This significant dexterity enables MIRA’s arms to reach into confined spaces within the abdominal cavity.

MIRA® has a flexible protective sleeve that covers the arms, protecting it from fluid ingress and simplifying post-surgery cleaning and sterilization.

The Camera provides video visual feedback to the Surgeon Console in Full HD (1080p / 60 Hz).

The Camera is inserted into MIRA® through the top of the base link and extends down into the surgical environment. The Camera features an instrument auto-track function, which keeps the working space in the field of view.

The Camera is optimized for multi-quadrant procedures and features an articulating flex tip, which maintains stable vision and access to the surgical field.

The goal is to have the instruments and the camera perfectly triangulated for laparoscopic surgery.

companion cart

Companion Cart

MIRA® is designed to enable the clinical and economic benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) to be applied to a broader surgical patient base.

The Companion Cart is a wheeled cart that contains system support equipment and is also used as a staging area to set up MIRA®. The Interface Pod manages the system connections and Camera. The Electrosurgical Unit is also housed on the Companion Cart.

surgeon console

Surgeon Console

The Surgeon Console includes a large surgical monitor showing the real-time video feed from the Camera, hand controllers, pedals, and an interactive touchscreen.

The surgical environment is visualized with full HD resolution in real-time on the main display.

The Camera has a feature to automatically track the surgical instruments. This can also be controlled via the hand input devices.

Motion is controlled by left- and right-hand input devices that interface with the surgeon’s hands. The surgeon also uses the hand input devices to actuate the open/close function of the surgical instruments.

The hand input devices include sensors to detect the presence of the user-–MIRA® will not move unless the control system senses that the surgeon’s hands are properly engaged with the controls. The hand input devices also provide haptic feedback to indicate workspace boundaries.

In addition to hand controls, the MIRA® Surgeon Console is equipped with four foot pedals in a movable tray used to control clutching, Camera movements, left instrument energy (bipolar electrocautery), and right instrument energy (monopolar electrocautery).

The MIRA® Surgeon Console is designed to be transported between operating rooms and easily set up.

The technology in development by Virtual Incision will help expand access to minimally invasive procedures to patients at virtually any U.S. healthcare provider, no matter how far from urban centers.