Meet MIRA®. The Accessible Robotic-Assisted Surgery (RAS) Platform

Virtual Incision – Innovating a new era in surgery for patients everywhere.

MIRA is a space-saving surgical system with the goal of bringing the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) to patients everywhere. An exciting newcomer, MIRA is designed to help more operating rooms perform more RAS cases by leveraging their existing infrastructure.

surgical robot


MIRA, the world’s first miniaturized RAS platform, weighs only two pounds and can be easily set up in any operating room.

The design allows surgeons to obtain full multi-quadrant access without the need of docking and re-docking a large, cumbersome external platform. It is simply inserted through a single port and held in place with an adjustable stand that attaches to the OR table. Due to MIRA’s small footprint, staff and surgeons may be closer to the patient than ever before.

MIRA’s unique design, along with the camera, can be easily cleaned and sterilized between cases without the need for special equipment. This eliminates the expense and time associated with draping that is necessary for other RAS platforms available today.

A compatible suite of single-use disposable instruments is available to ensure surgeons have the tools they need.

surgeon console

Surgeon Console

The surgeon console allows the surgeon to have complete control of MIRA’s instrument arms and endoscopic vision of the anatomy in real-time.

With the goal of reducing training time, our hand controls and foot pedals are designed to be familiar to minimally invasive surgeons.

The console is built to improve surgeon ergonomics, allowing them to sit upright without having to put their head in an isolating chamber or wear inflexible headwear that other systems require. This gives surgeons the opportunity to perform RAS with improved situational awareness of the operating room.

companion cart

Companion Cart

The companion cart includes support equipment and serves as a staging area for MIRA. The set up is simple and straightforward, with only two cords coming from the surgical field.