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medical futurist john murphy virtual incision

Medical Futurist Interview With John Murphy, President & CEO of Virtual Incision

Dear medical futurists,

Back in 2017, I wrote about the future of surgery and included a U.S.-based company that developed a robot that can be placed inside a patient’s abdomen and then controlled remotely by a surgeon. This enables surgeries with minimally invasive tools and techniques that are familiar to surgeons, and does not require a dedicated operating room or specialized infrastructure. The device can become a cost-effective and accessible option for laparoscopic surgery reducing the number of incisions by 50%.

The idea, that seemed so far-fetched when I first wrote about it, recently received an FDA approval to start clinical trials in select hospitals. I asked John Murphy, the CEO of the company about the future of robots in surgery and if robots will replace doctors in the future.

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